Endless Customizable

With our innovative technology, we make your design into reality and make it durable. Just tell us how you want your glass to be look like!

Space Creation

Small home? No problem. HITEC’s mirrored glass creates special perception and makes your space look bigger.


HITEC is flexible to help our clients with their needs. From home project to building project, HITEC’s designed glass can make it unique.

Titanium Decor Glass

Using a patented titanium coating process, HITEC prints any design/pattern onto glass surfaces. The reflective design from both sides of the glass wows in all spaces.

Colored Mirror

Different from silver or aluminium mirror, our mirror is never rusty by the patented technology. More colors for people to choose, making the world more colorful.

Antique Mirror

HITEC puts the ancient allure back into modern mirrors by restoring the hint of magic that has been taken away by modern technical perfection.

Patterned Mirror

Combined with patterned glass and our coating, it’s a brand new choice for decoration. Besides, any kind of patterned glass can do our coating.

One Way Mirror

Decorative yet functional. Special light penetration allows lights go through from one-side. Frequently used in interrogation room or TV wall.